The irrelevant content in the paragraph makes no sense. In fact, it will not let you state your views properly and may put your readers against your views.  What do we need in our introduction when writing an essay?  The purpose of an introduction is to introduce the material you are going to discuss.  You definitely want to draw in your reader, establish your topic and communicate clearly what the purpose of the subject is you are developing. Gradecrest is a professional writing service that provides original model papers. We offer personalized services along with research materials for assistance purposes only.

We have professionals for you to write an effective essay that will boost your grades. In case, you want to make any correction to your assignment solution we provide you unlimited revisions without taking any extra charge for that. Hence, we are not charging much like others who are offering help in assignments. We are masters how to write good commentary in providing non-plagiarized content to you. Boost your grades with us and master the art of writing an essay. The opening of the essay’s paragraph should be catchy and has the essence of the paragraph. The opening sentence must be clear and loud, and it should be clear to the readers about the introduction of the paragraph.

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After you write all your points and figures, you have to explain each one of them. Convincing content like this generally involves call-to-action. In other words, this is what you want your readers to believe. Regardless of the topic you’re writing about, you’ll always be dealing with a multitude of ideas. Even when you have the right ideas, a lack of structure could leave your essay without direction. 2.PEEL • Point – make a point about the China’s population.

  1. The common 5 paragraph essay structure is often referred to as the hamburger essay.
  2. In an era of ‘fake news’, this is more important now than ever.
  3. Once you are done writing your essay, make sure to check beforehand that you have included all the elements precisely.
  4. It is not a contract, though—the order in which the ideas appear is not a rigid one.
  5. Nevertheless, if you are comfortable with a telephonic conversation, just drop a request with us.
  6. When you write an essay, you are convincing your reader to your academic views.

There should be a transition in your conclusion paragraph by maintaining the tone of the writing that should bring a sense of closure. There are innumerable themes for an essay design, PEEL writing is one-off them. While writing in PEEL format, the views and opinions must be of the writer himself. The writer must back it up by providing well-supported examples.

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The first sentence must be clear to the audience to make them understand the whole paragraph. This might confuse the readers and they might not find your writing interesting. This paragraph is also a fundamental part of the essay. Make sure to analyze whatever you write, this will help you have a clear idea of what you are going to convey the reader.

Moreover, it will also leave your reader in a state of confusion. The introduction will disclose meaning of expository essay the idea of the topic. It will also include your views but in an indirect and brief manner.

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This may sound complex at first, but let us assume that you have decided to focus on the dangers of drug abuse among university students. Using this PEEL writing strategy example, we can think of and offer an explanation of the PEEL method. A paragraph is one of the most critical parts of any given essay. It contains essential information about any given topic and should always be well structured if you want to grab your readers’ attention effectively. When writing a given essay, you must structure all your paragraphs well and ensure that they contribute to the main topic. As a good writer, you learn that each paragraph should contain one main idea that you should be able to defend using sources. This main idea should also contribute to or defend your main arguments.

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While focusing on a better introduction, don’t lose the quality of the essay. While following the PEEL writing strategy for your assignments, make sure that you are clear enough with the point of your theory. The very first paragraph of your content should introduce the main point of your writing, with some specific idea or central point of discussion. The main objective of this point or topic sentence is to create engagement among the readers and inform them about the worth of your content. Remember that there’s no need to add any citations in this sentence. The main point that you mention here should always revolve around the fact of your entire assignment or write-up.

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The aim is to improve your academic writing skills by adding much-needed creativity. You do not want your essays to be bogus, and full of irrelevant information.

Explain – The next segment is the explanation, where you are told to make your audience understand the points. Your facts and arguments will be of no use if you do not explain them accurately. So, make sure that you explain them in the most subtle manner as possible. Taken together, the points made in your essay should combine to provide a relevant response to the chosen essay question. You can only write a persuasive essay if you identify a relevant point and develop it fully. If you are looking for answers to these questions, you are in the right place. This article will help you to get a better understanding of PEEL paragraph writing.


In the course of proofreading your essay, you will encounter the mistakes. One such hollow statement is sufficient to create a flaw in your essay.

Therefore, students taking a gap year will have a better performance at university and also healthier lives. Nothing can beat the PEEL techniques when it comes to artistic and creative writing or academic essays. It’s main objective is to help the writer engage the audience and make them enjoy your essay. It will keep the audience hold in your writing if the final paragraph and the introductory lines are worth reading. Do not ignore the quality while maintaining a good introduction. To make the first impression appealing, craft the introductory paragraph. The major objective of the essay must be to present the issue with solutions.

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This way you get to present your thoughts clearly and develop the ability to impress your readers. The supporting evidence define a narrative essay plays a huge role in engaging the readers. PEEL paragraph writing is an excellent method to bring life to your essays.

  1. As seen above, it is important to be able to identify each of the elements individually, especially when you are learning how to use this incredible structure.
  2. This article will help budding writer’s in writing a good essay.
  3. It ensures that there will be evidence of the point stated above.
  4. This focus is usually defined in a thesis statement that presents the topic of the essay in a sentence or two.
  5. The micro management of the flaws like grammar, spelling, readability and sentence structure is a technique to create pristine essays.
  6. Your foremost target must be to understand all the vital points and the evidence you mentioned.
  7. Plan your paragraph – Often, writers fail to meet the requirements of planning before writing a PEEL essay.

The strategies for writing are very simple, although the methods can be complex. Planning for paragraph- It is a step that should be done even before you start writing.

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If a person has truly understood the nature of an essay, then you will find it easy to learn such concepts. Evaluation needs to take place during essay help the essay and not just at the end. A simple way to evaluate at the end of the paragraphs is to say “however, this would depend on…..”.

Great academic essays come with well-constructed sentences, flowing paragraphs, no grammatical or syntax errors. Read the sample argumentative/ persuasive essay help essay on whether students should wear uniforms in schools. There are numerous arguments that either support or oppose the wearing of uniforms by students.